Brandt Karden

The lovable pain in the ass everyone loves to hire


Brandt was a fairly typical Corellian street kid. Per the usual he got into trouble, stole more than he knew what to do with, and had a penchant for flying. What truly set him apart was an odd skill. He was likeably unlikeable. More often then not Brandt got in on more than one job for the simple fact that no one ever even considered for a moment he could be working for anyone else. He learned a lot about how others worked together and operated as a unit but rarely was close to any one group for long. Once the invulnerability of youngness wore off he had a rough go of things, spending most of his teen years getting in way too deep with people he couldn’t handle, and taking the beatings to show for it.

The only real friend Brandt had for the longest while was Blue, the local chop shop mechanic. Instead of finding the adolescent Brandt’s abrasive, rash demeanor offensive he instead saw the positives, like his intelligence and ability to adapt. Blue became like a father to the boy who didn’t know his own. To this day Brandt comes to the old mechanic when he’s in a bind.

After a deal gone south with the Pykes on Coruscant, Brandt met Kron, a human mercanary with a decidedly “subtle” approach to life as Brandt likes to say. The two quickly became inseparable, diving through windows, trumping danger, and starting mischief wherever they went. Between them and Cory, a friend of Kron’s, they landed a cushy smuggling job for Atura the Hutt, a new up and comer in Hutt space. Atura desperate to make a name for himself had forsaken some of the more luxurious amenities for increased security. This included Reeves, the Mandalorian bounty hunter with a heart of gold. Or at least that’s what Brandt called him to piss him off. After trumping said security Brandt and company became instrumental in establishing Atura’s rise to power. Until Atura betrayed the group to the Empire, claiming they had colluded with rebel forces on Kashyyyk, which they had visited for a job only a few days prior. After a daring escape with some good ol’ fashioned inventiveness and a lucky retraining bolt Brandt and Kron had escaped with their new Wookie friend, Takka. They collectively made it as far as Tatooine to recuperate and plot their counterattack.

Brandt Karden

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